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The Online Best Pracices Manual

The Online Best Practices Manual

The most comprehensive and practical online resource tool available to financial advisors in the Canadian financial services industry today — and a key benefit of Advocis membership.

Why you should use it

The Advocis online Best Practices Manual is designed to help practitioners develop and maintain a profitable and compliant practice through this useful toolbox of practice aids. The online BPM is a continuously evolving vehicle for all financial advisors regardless of practice discipline. Our Best Practices are derived from our Code of Professional Conduct and from market conduct principles and regulations.

What it is

Organized in five key Best Practice areas: marketing, advice delivery, employee benefits, business essentials and compliance with a special section on codes and standards — this is your primary resource for time–saving practice aids, real–world practice tips, checklists, questionnaires, sample letters and forms that will help you maximize productivity, avoid common pitfalls and increase practice profitability.

When you need to research the financial marketplace, identify obstacles and pitfalls in your practice and understand the operational, legal and tax implications of being an advisor in Canada. Using Advocis Best Practices online every day will keep you on the leading edge of a profitable and compliant practice.

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