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Sault Ste. Marie Chapter

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Sault ste. Marie Chapter Spring CE

Spring CE Morning with Foresters, Canada Protection Plan and Dynacare Insurance - Hooper Holmes
Thursday, March 15, 2018

Cody Middaugh
 Officers and Directors
First Vice President
Second Vice President
Malcolm Smith CFP,CLU,CH.F.C., CHS
Michael Strum
Membership Chair
Dean Beilhartz
Program Chair
Eric Barton CFP, EPC
Cody Middaugh
Professional Development Chair
Len Drouillard CLU
Public Awareness Chair
Len Drouillard CLU
Communication Chair
Best Practices Chair
Professional Conduct Chair
Advocacy Chair
Eric Barton CFP, EPC
Cody Middaugh
Institute Representative
Jonathen Mosher CFP,CLU,CH.F.C.,CHS
Sponsorship Chair
Eric Barton CFP, EPC
GAMA Representative
David Gearing
Totem Pole Chair
Past President
Eric Barton CFP, EPC
Anthony Deluco CHS
 Contact Information
Cody Middaugh
477 Queen St E #303 Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 1Z5
(705) 256-5618 ext 236