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Event Title: Saugeen 38th Annual Sales Congress  Event Type: Seminar 
Start: 6/3/2015 End: 6/3/2015 Start Time: 8:15 am End Time: 3:00 PM
 Dr. Bruce EmpringhamVice President and Medical Director 

Genetic Testing Creeps Into Underwriting – 2 CE Credits

As genetic research opens the door to better understanding and possibly predicting inherited diseases and disabilities, insurers want to maintain their access to genetic information to help them better manage risk.

Insurers say the results of genetic tests should be accessible and used just like any other piece of underwriting information. While law specialists agree that insurers should have access to existing information, they highlight the need for this accessibility to be regulated and are adamant that genetic testing should not be an underwriting requirement.

The life insurance industry considers it appropriate that people aware of genetic abnormalities, which may affect their insurability, disclose this when applying for insurance. Otherwise, when a claim is made and this information is discovered, the contract may be voided.

Attend this presentation and hear Dr. Empringham discuss genetic testing updates as it relates to our industry. 

Mike Englert, B.A., B.Ed., EPC

Retirement Income Stategies - 1.5 CE Credit

We're all pretty good at helping Canadians accumulate retirement assets. Unfortunately, turning retirement assets into income is a whole different kettle of fish. Capital preservation becomes more important that appreciation. Non-investment tax considerations come into play. Paying taxes now is often a better strategy than deferring them. And competing goals (e.g., a need for income and a desire to leave a legacy) often complicate the process. 

In this session we will take a close look at some tried and true retirement income strategies designed to help your clients make the best of their golden years.

Agenda: 8:15 Registration & Setup

8:45 Welcome and Call to order

9:00   Dr. Bruce Empringham, 
Session 1 - Genetic Testing Creeps into Underwriting

11:00 - 12:30 Mike Englert,
Session 2 - Retirement Income Strategies

12:30 BBQ Luncheon

1:30 - 3:00 Presentation from our sponsors
CE Credits: 3.5 
Dr. Bruce Empringham, Vice President & Medical Director 

Dr. Bruce Empringham,Vice President & Medical Director

Dr Empringham graduated in Medicine from Queen's University and completed his family practice residency at McMaster University.  After 4 years in North  Bay Ontario, he took a job as assistant medical director at London Life in 1991.  In 1998 he assumed the role of VP and Medical Director for London Life, GWL and now Canada Life and is now responsible for individual insurance life and living benefits medical underwriting and medical claims assessment.  He has remained active in the insurance industry in North America as past chair of several organizations and remains active on a number of industry and legislative fronts.

He's a strong advocate of the importance of the relationship between the underwriting team and the field, and works hard with our sales channels to strengthen that bond.  For companies and advisors to succeed in the future, they must do it through teamwork and a positive relationship.

 Mike Englert, , B.A., B. Ed., EPC

Prior to his retirement, Mike spent close to 25 years working in the Life Insurance and Investment business.   Most recently he was Vice President of Marketing at a subsidiary of Royal & SunAlliance, plc one of the United Kingdom's largest insurers.  The lion's share of his career, however, was in the U.S. market where he was responsible for the development and marketing of Manulife Financial’s extremely successful estate and legacy planning products.

He was a member of LIMRA's Marketing Services Committee from 1986 to 1998 and served as its Chairman from 1992 to 1994.  He has been a featured speaker at Estate Planning Councils, CPA Clubs and CLU Chapters throughout North America.

He has extensive knowledge of the elder market in both Canada and the U.S. In the U.S. he worked exclusively in the ultra-affluent older age market. The consumers who purchased the products he developed had an average net worth of between 5 and 10 million dollars and an average age of 64.

He currently spends a substantial amount of his time working with both the Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies (CIEPS) and the American Initiative for Elder Planning Studies (AIEPS). He is a founding member of both organizations.  As a member of the CIEPS faculty, he has helped thousands of Canadians – from coast to coast - obtain the Elder Planning Counselor (EPC) designation. 

He has also written and edited authoritative texts on the broad subject of elder issues – materials that have been used by a wide variety of colleges and universities.

He specializes in elder demographics and demographic issues, elder financial issues and elder fraud.

He speaks with authority and passion and his presentations are always entertaining, enriching and enlightening.


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