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CFP® course outline
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Course 231 – Financial Planning Fundamentals

This course introduces students to the fundamentals important to the discipline of financial planning. Students will acquire an understanding of the concepts and applications associated with financial calculations, and the analysis of financial statements. The basic concepts of contracting and family law are covered followed by an analysis of government sponsored benefit programs.

Module 1: Time Value of Money Fundamentals
Module 2: Financial Statements & Analysis
Module 3: Legal Fundamentals & Family Law
Module 4: Government Sponsored Benefit Programs

Members: $450 + GST/HST
Non-members: $525 + GST/HST

Course 232 – Contemporary Practices in Financial Planning
This course introduces students to basic income tax laws and gradually progresses into a more advanced understanding of tax laws as it relates to areas of financial planning. The professional and ethical responsibilities associated with the role of a financial planner and an understanding of the structures and services within the financial industry are reviewed. Different forms of business structures are explored in-depth, along with an understanding of trusts.

Module 5: Taxation – Level I
Module 6: Taxation – Level II
Module 7: Professional Standards & Financial Industry
Module 8: Organizational Structures

Members: $450 + GST/HST
Non-members: $525 + GST/HST

Course 233 – Comprehensive Practices in Risk & Retirement Planning
Designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and applications related to concepts of managing risk and retirement planning. This course covers practices, issues and products of insurance and retirement planning. Also explored are risk management and retirement planning processes progressing from the wealth accumulation phase into the retirement phase.

Module 9: Risk Management – Fundamentals, P&C, Other
Module 10: Risk Management – Life & Disability Insurance
Module 11: Registered Pension Plans
Module 12: Registered Retirement Savings Plans
Module 13: Retirement Income & Other Compensation
Module 14: Retirement Planning

Members: $450 + GST/HST
Non-members: $525 + GST/HST

Course 234 - Wealth Management and Estate Planning
This course reviews the basics of economics and investing, and understanding of investment products. Investment planning and key areas of personal financial management are explored. The course concludes with estate planning fundamentals, concepts and applications.

Module 15: Economics & Investments - Fundamentals
Module 16: Investments - Products
Module 17: Investment Planning
Module 18: Financial Management
Module 19: Estate Planning

Members: $450 + GST/HST
Non-members: $525 + GST/HST

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