Continuing Education (CE)

The Financial Advisors Association of Canada

Continuing Education (CE)

  • Continuing Education (CE) for Advisors
    Continuing education (CE) is integral to Advocis’ commitment to professional excellence. It is mandatory for all Advocis members to continually update their skills and knowledge through Institute-accredited Continuing Education.

  • Continuing Education (CE) Accreditation
    Organizations can submit their proposed CE programs to The Institute for accreditation. Only programs that meet our high continuing education standards may be advertised as Institute-accredited. Proposed programs are varied and include seminars and written and electronic courses. Click here to learn how to get your education program accredited by The Institute.

  • Institute Accredited CE List
    Education programs are valid for two years following the accreditation date.

If you have any questions about continuing education (CE) accreditation, please send an email to Continuing Education Department.

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