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Advocis Membership Professional Development Requirements

The Advocis professional development requirements for members in the Practicing Advisor and Manager categories came into effect January 1, 2011. All members in these categories are required to engage in professional development according to the guidelines below.

Professional development includes both structured and informal learning activities:

  • Continuing education (CE) — a minimum of 15 hours of structured learning activity in the form of CE programs. Examples that qualify include:
    • CE programs accredited by The Institute’s Accreditation Service, which confirms content as meeting the Practice Guidelines for Financial Advisors & Planners. One CE credit equals one hour of structured learning activity.
    • Successful completion of certain licensing and designation program courses that have been approved by the individual member's respective designation or governing body. Qualifying examples include LLQP, Mutual Funds Course, CFP, CLU and the CHS.
  • Informal learning activities — a maximum of 15 hours of informal activity determined by the member as contributing to his or her ongoing professional development such as:
    • teaching/presenting,
    • research/writing articles,
    • self-study, and
    • participation on industry task forces/committees.