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Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®)

Why choose the Wolters Kluwer CCH/Advocis CFP® Certification Program?

Advocis, in partnership with Wolters Kluwer CCH, the leading professional publisher of reference materials in tax and financial planning, is offering an FPSC®-approved CFP education program. Students learn the fundamentals of building a comprehensive financial plan en route to becoming recognized as dedicated and highly ethical professionals with the required know-how to assist clients with their financial plans.

How the program helps you

Our program, which boasts a combination of hard-copy study materials, online resources and mandatory testing after each module, has been designed to provide students with the required financial planning education needed to successfully complete the Financial Planning Standard Council’s (FPSC) examinations leading to CFP certification.

Our all-inclusive course registration provides access a number of self-testing exercises, including case studies and review questions.

Mandatory online tests

Students can gauge their grasp of the content by how they do in the online tests after each module. Following completion of each test, students can access their feedback, which indicates the learning areas they need to review more closely. Comprehensive testing of the learning objectives also occurs through case- and application-based exercises, to help students prepare for their FPSC certification exams (FPE1 and FPE2).

Online inquiry forum

An online forum — educontent@advocis.ca — is available to students for course-related or industry-specific inquiries. Students can also fax their inquiries to Advocis and receive a response within 48 hours.

Education Path to CFP® Certification with CCH/Advocis

In order to obtain the CFP® certification, students must complete both an FPSC-approved CFP® Core Curriculum program and Capstone course and two certification exams (FPE1® and FPE2®) administered by the FPSC. The education path to obtain CFP® certification is as follows:

For more information on the path to CFP® certification, please visit the FPSC website for more details.

NOTE: Advocis does not award the CFP® and Certified Financial Planner® designation. The right to use the marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and CFP (logo) is granted under licence by FPSC to those persons who have met its educational standards, passed the FPSC's Certified Financial Planner Examination, satisfied a work experience requirement, and agreed to abide by FPSC Code of Ethics.