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CHS™ – Certified Health Insurance Specialist

Why choose CHS?

What it is
CHS™ is the premier credential for financial advisors in the Canadian health insurance market. The CHS designation is conferred exclusively in Canada by The Institute for Advanced Financial Education.

What it does
Financial advisors going through the CHS designation program develop their knowledge and expertise in all areas addressing the health and disability risks that compromise financial and estate planning objectives. The program focuses on all relevant health insurance areas including:

  • disability insurance
  • critical illness
  • long-term care insurance
  • basic and extended health insurance
  • drug and dental insurance
  • emergency medical insurance plans for travellers
  • insurance that provides immediate access to healthcare

How it helps you
A CHS is a professional financial advisor specializing in living benefits, including income replacement and risk management solutions for individuals, business owners and professionals.

The Education Path