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FORUM Magazine – 2011 Issues

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Forum January February 2011January / February 2011Yearning for Yield

The trend toward income-generating investment products
Coverage of the Advocis Regulatory Affairs Symposium

Forum March 2011March 2011Family Man

New Advocis chair talks about life lessons, work-life balance and his Advocis family
SPECIAL REPORT – The proposed national strategy on financial literacy

Forum April 2011April 2011The Untapped Market

Building the business case for attracting women clients
10 Steps to a more female-friendly practice

Forum May 2011May 2011The Next Generation

They're young, energetic, determined, and they want your business. Meet the Millenials.

Company Career Guide

Forum June / July 2011June / July 2011Investing with a Difference

Aligning clients' values with their investments
How to Choose an Exempt Market Dealer

Forum September 2011September 2011Game Changers

Meet four innovators who are changing the way advisors operate
Advisor Education: More than just CE

FORUM October 2011October 2011The Ideal Advisor

Do you have what it takes?
Test your social capital

Forum November December 2011November/December 2011The Entrepreneur's Nest Egg

Proposed changes call into question the future of individual pension plans
Reviewing Shareholder Agreements