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FORUM Magazine – January/February 2010


The Road To Recovery
Governor of the Bank of Canada Mark Carney recently fielded questions from FORUM magazine about the state of the Canadian economy. In this exclusive interview, Carney shares his insights about the prospects for recovery and the direction of the economy in the year ahead.

The Value of Advice
The ability to provide impartial advice to concerned, often harried clients is a critical feature of this profession. But Michael Callahan writes that in today's market, it has to be more than just an intangible, wishy-washy element of your practice — it must be demonstrated through specific, measurable steps.

The Future of Financial Services Distribution
Advocis' symposium on November 26 marked an important first step for the financial advisory profession to take the future into its own hands.


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Editor's Note - Craig Harris

CEO's Comments - Greg Pollock


The Road to Recovery

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