Enhancing the professionalism of financial advisors in the best interests of the consumer

February 2016

  • Advocis Partners With Other Quality Education Providers
    1. The Canadian Institute of Certified Executor Advisors (CICEA) and Advocis have partnered to offer advisors the first and only executor-facing designation in Canada.
    2. Advocis is the exclusive distributor of LOGiQ3's Deposit Broker Annual Compliance Attestation (ACA) and Anti-Money Laundering eLearning course (AML) for Deposit Brokers.
    3. LOGiQ3 currently has 27 training modules covering over 200+ topics (medical, non-medical, and financial risks) in all areas of underwriting.
  • Advocis Supports the Ontario Securities Commission's (OSC) Fact Cards Initiative
    1. The OSC launched a program that gives consumers access to free digital cards containing unbiased information on investment topics. The Fact Cards cover topics ranging from the red flags of investment fraud to understanding mutual funds to checking the registration of a financial advisor. They can all be identified through the OSC's consumer education website GetSmarterAboutMoney.ca. The catalogue of Fact Cards is available at osc.gov.on.ca/factcards and will be continuously updated and expanded.