Protecting consumers through higher standards

Consumers should be able to count on professionalism and accountability from their advisors. Unfortunately, they can't. The reality is that almost anyone can hold themselves out to the public as a financial advisor or planner.

Advocis's professions model calls for the title "financial advisor" to be strictly regulated, and for all titleholders to be required to belong to a recognized professional association.

Under the professions model, advisors and planners would be required to:

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  • Certain regulatory ideas currently being floated could forever change the advisor-client relationship and reduce access to financial advice, especially for those who need help the most.

  • Join Advocis president & CEO Greg Pollock for information about how the Professions Model would enhance consumer protection and increase public trust and confidence in advisors as professionals.

  • The Financial Advisors Act, 2014, was introduced in the Ontario legislature. Please review answers to some of the questions about Bill 157.


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