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Partner Programs

Have you considered what your next step will be?

The Advocis Learning Center (ALC) recognizes the importance of ongoing professional development and is dedicated to providing financial advisors with a strong foundation to succeed. We believe that education is the key to accomplishing that goal.

The ALC understands that as pressure increases for financial advisors to provide competent advice to solve complex financial issues for their clients, the demand to provide advanced educational programs also rises. Our Partner Programs are designed to offer sound education programs that support the emerging need for refined specializations and niche educational programs that deliver such solutions.

By offering our own quality education programs as well as partnering with other quality education providers we can provide practical and relevant education programs closely tied to an advisor's professional practice and needs.

The programs will also serve the needs of practicing professionals who require continuing education credits to keep their status current in their professional associations and for those who simply wish to deepen their financial knowledge or further their education.

When education providers work together, they can provide the best possible resources to enhance the advisor's education experience, which may open doors to all kinds of possibilities.

Advocis is pleased to partner with: