Advisor Growth Journey Study Groups

For Advisors that really want to accelerate their growth, study groups are an important resource.

Study groups provide an opportunity for professional development, networking, and peer support. Together, we will target key areas of your business as we walk through the Advisor Growth Journey™.


What's Included?

Program Overview

  • Member Price of $258 USD per month
  • Program renews each month
  • 4 month minimum commitment


Registration for the Advisor Growth Journey Study Group is now open.

Topics Covered



Advisors consistently ask us, “How can I get in front of more of the right types of people?” We’ll zero in on the things that matter most for generating growth, define a niche market to serve and develop a revenue production plan for your business. Create a marketing plan to support revenue, with powerful messaging to attract the right types of prospects.


Sales Approach

A lot of the Advisors we work with are great at what they do, and great at sales. We’ll help you integrate a small, but powerful shift in your sales approach language to differentiate yourself from the very first interaction. We’ll talk about the structure and tools that have been a catalyst to advisor growth for more than two decades.

Client Discovery

Whether you’re doing discovery well, or don’t have a process in place at all, we’ll help you enhance your delivery by providing a service that defines you as your client’s most trusted advisor. Beyond the traditional approaches of typical advisors, our Qualitative Discovery, along with tried and tested structures, tools and strategies, will help you make an impactful impression on your clients.

Generational Engagement

Advisors are seeing their lack of generational reach is putting them at relational risk with clients. It might be an ageing population of clients, a lack of consistent connection to the next generation or spouse, or a wealthy clientele where there is more work to be done but not knowing how to start the dialogue. We’ll discuss how to create clients for life with specific approaches to engage the entire family/business across generations.

Financial planning with professionals

Planning Your Legacy

A growing business is always evolving. We’ll walk through the Advisor Growth Blueprint to explore what comes next to plan for lasting growth, maintain a clear vision you stay connected to and be confident in how you will achieve it.


Operational Excellence

We’re often asked for help with gaining control of time - for many advisors, they want to focus on meeting with prospects and clients and networking, but they’re often pulled into leading operations. We’ll talk about having the right team members in the right roles as well as organizing the channels of communication and execution in order to drive growth.