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Ways to help your clients live a stress free retirement!

Do you want to look after the largest retiring group ever?
Do you want to confidently help plan their lives in retirement?

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The challenges around changes in corporate pensions from defined benefit to defined contribution and fee disclosure.  Recent trends in the financial advice industry are impacting the way you do business with clients. Regulatory changes have led us to fee disclosed client relationships and the way you provide financial advice must evolve. At the same time, Canadian pension plans aren’t what they used to be and clients are often left with a gap in their retirement income.  Join us as we take a closer look at each of these trends and how Sun Life Financial’s approach to financial and retirement planning can help you identify client needs at each stage of their retirement journey, recognize basic income gaps and provide appropriate solutions to help put certainty back into clients’ futures.

The fundamentals of retirement income planning and how you can develop comprehensive and tax efficient income plans for clients by layering income sources.  In this upcoming presentation you’ll discover your opportunity in the retirement income market and enhance your knowledge of key retirement income concepts. You will also understand tax considerations – the foundation of the retirement income plan and learn the steps to creating an effective retirement income plan.  

The 5 retirement risks: Longevity, Inflation, Market, Health, and Mortality and how we can mitigate all of these risks while attaining client's varying retiring goals/needs with one universal solution: GIF Solutions.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Christmas Social and Awards Night

Christmas Social including a wonderful meal and fellowship. Advocis awards will be announced and recipients will receive their award. Wrapped Gift Exchange Game- Everyone is to bring a wrapped gift of $25 value for the gift exchange
Friday, November 29, 2019

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