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Passport-Practice Development Series


The Practice Development Series is based on content pulled from the Advocis Getting Established

Program. This learning content focuses exclusively on the practical skills and knowledge that newer

advisors need to be successful; skills such as Business Planning, Sales Process, Prospecting, Marketing

and much more.

What makes the Practice Development Series so unique, is the combination of having experienced

members involved in the Under 5/After 5 events, alongside participating advisors. The moderator runs

the group through the learning material and the associated activities for the group to complete. The

mentor (a seasoned financial advisor) is invited to work with the group on the activities associated with

the learning and share best practices. The result? Participating advisors receive applied knowledge in

critical skills required for success, and mentors receive the satisfaction of giving back and sharing their

skills with the future of our industry.


Wednesday, February 5th – 5pm-8pm – Business Planning

Wednesday, March 25th – 5pm-8pm - Marketing

Wednesday, June 3rd - 5pm-8pm - Prospecting

Wednesday, July 22nd  – 5pm-8pm - Preparation

Wednesday, September 30th  – 5pm-8pm – Client Engagement

Wednesday, November 11th  – 5pm-8pm – Analysis


Hosted at The Pilot

Address22 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M4W 1J5

The series of 6 U5A5 events are now at the early bird discount price, don't miss out! Once the passport is purchased you automatically get registered to all individual U5A5 events.


Wednesday, February 5, 2020

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