Advocis is the premier association for financial advisors and planners. We provide a platform of knowledge, advocacy, community and protection advancing the professionalism of financial advisors and planners in the best interest of the consumer.

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Advocis Toronto's Legal Series: Financial Planning Through the Legal Lens

Organized by: Advocis Toronto Chapter
Event Inventory: limited 2024-07-25 Start: 09:30:00 End: 11:30:00
Timezone: America/Toronto Capacity: 490


Discover the legal intricacies that underpin financial planning and arm yourself with the knowledge to fortify your practice.

Advocis Toronto's Navigating the Nuances of Behavioural Finance

Organized by: Advocis Toronto Chapter
Event Inventory: limited 2024-08-29 Start: 09:30:00 End: 11:00:00
Timezone: America/Toronto Capacity: 111


Learn about the psychology of insurance decisions and how they can lead to better client consultations and increased policy acquisitions.

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Officers and Directors
  • PresidentCindy Marques, CFP
  • TreasurerFasiha Maryam Sukhram, CLU
  • Membership ChairJaclyn Nemethy, CLU, CHS, CFP
  • Membership ChairKendall Harris
  • Sponsorship ChairMichael Camacho, CFP,CLU,CH.F.C.,CHS,
  • GAMA RepJames M. O'Connell, CIM
  • Program ChairAlaeddine Jabri, CLU, CHS
  • Program ChairDebbie A. Beaupré-Odorico, CLU, Pl.Fin, TEP
  • DirectorAdrian Altamirano, CFP,CIM,CEA,FCSI,FEA
  • Professional Development ChairKusum Sen, CLU, CHS, RIS
  • AdministratorFrank Mastroianni
  • AdministratorTerry Hammond
  • Communications ChairMr. Hsiao-Chieh Yang
  • Past PresidentJaclyn Nemethy, CLU, CHS, CFP
  • Financial Literacy ChairLauren Jeffery, RP, MA, CEA, CTDP
  • Mentorship ChairAnnie Izmirliyan