Enhancing the professionalism of financial advisors in the best interests of the consumer
Chapter Leadership Council
Chair Dave McGruer, CFP
Members Eric Barton, CFP, EPC
Terry Brownwell, CFP
Leo Durand
Aaron Keogh
John McCallum, CFP
Vince McKay
Wendy Playfair, CLU, CFP, CHS
Mimi A Rogers, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., CHS
Richard Russell
Will Britton, CFP
Staff Heather MacDonnell

CLC Committees

  • Membership Committee
  • Program Committee
  • Sponsorship Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Governance Committee



The purpose and operations of the Chapter Leadership Council (CLC) are subject to the TFAAC Board policy "Statement of Committee Governance". The Chapter Leadership Council shall be responsible for the viability, health and direction of the chapter network in a manner that supports The Financial Advisors Association of Canada (TFAAC) strategic priorities. We will ensure the chapter network is vibrant and focused on providing added value to members. Additionally, we will:

  • Maintain confidentiality, as outlined in the TFAAC Board Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Review the Terms of Reference on an annual basis and forward to TFAAC Governance Committee.
  • Report regularly to the TFAAC Board on the status of the chapter network.


  • Carry out our mandate in the interests of the members of the Association.
  • Build a business plan for chapters to support the TFAAC Board's vision to maximize member participation in the association. The guideline is to be the Operational Policies for Advocis Chapters.
  • Review and manage the chapter network budget and individual chapter budgets on a monthly basis to ensure prudent fiscal management.
  • Operate within the budget allocated to the Chapter Leadership Council by TFAAC annually.
  • Deliver TFAAC program of professional development through the Advocis Chapters.
  • Promote and assist sponsorship into the Chapter network.
  • Be a conduit for communications between the chapter network and TFAAC.
  • Encourage use of technology provided by TFAAC national office.


  • The Chapter Leadership Council (CLC) will be composed of a minimum of six members in good standing, to a maximum of eleven. Current or prior Chapter leadership experience is required.
  • CLC regional and non-regional positions will be filled in accordance with the CLC nominations process.
  • Should a vacancy occur, the CLC may appoint an individual to carry out the duties of the vacant position until the next Annual General Meeting.
  • The CLC Chair shall be appointed for a two year term. Appointment shall be by the TFAAC Board based on recommendation from the Chapter Leadership Council.
  • Staff liaison shall be the President & CEO or his/her designate.

Term of Membership

  • Two year term.


  • Majority of total Chapter Leadership Council membership present in person or by phone.
  • Decisions may be taken by consensus vote as described above, in addition to during teleconference and in person meetings, by electronic means, which shall include electronic commerce and faxes.


  • By consensus where possible;
  • Any question shall be referred to Robert's Rules of Order;
  • Chair to receive information, agenda and minutes first for approval;
  • Agenda and meeting material to be distributed at least 3 working days in advance;
  • Chair shall NOT have a vote
  • Any tie will give the Chair a casting vote
  • Chapter Leadership Council business to remain with the Chapter Leadership Council until it is agreed to communicate this business beyond the Chapter Leadership Council.

Technical Advisors

  • Where necessary in the opinion of the Chapter Leadership Council
  • Technical advisors may sit through one or more meetings.


  • a minimum of six meetings annually;
  • a maximum of three may be face-to-face
  • Leadership Conference National, annually
  • Face-to-Face Regional meetings, twice annually (optional)
  • Absence of 3 meetings - member's commitment reviewed.

Amendment to Terms of Reference

  • By approval of the TFAAC Board.