Chartered Life Underwriter Program – Policies

Chartered Life Underwriter Program – Policies


You have 30 days from the date of registration to withdraw from your course and receive a partial refund (no refunds after this date). Please note: Registrations are non-transferable and applicants must ensure that the information provided in their registration is accurate, as changes can not be made once the application has been processed. Fee: Refund minus $75 + taxes

Course Extension (255 and 256 only)*

If you are unable to complete your course within its term, you may purchase an extension. The following rules apply:

  • Extension is 90 additional days from course expiry date
  • You retain all completed assessments and may continue from where you left off
  • Extensions must be requested at least 10 business days before the end of the course term.

Fee: $75 + taxes

* No extensions for Advanced Estate Planning – 257

Advocis Appeals Policy

The goal of the Advocis appeals policy is to ensure that candidates are able to request a re-mark of their assignment or exam if they failed. The cost to re-mark an assessment is $150 plus GST/HST.

The re-mark of a test or assignment involves an independent second marker reviewing the assessment in question. The second marker is not provided with details of the student’s original mark. The same rubric used by the original marker must be used for re-marking. The re-marking of an assignment or an exam could result in a higher or a lower mark from the original grade. The second grade will be the final grade.

If you believe an error has been made in the calculation of marks or in the marking of your:

  • CLU Advanced Estate Planning (257) term assignment, or
  • CLU Advanced Estate Planning (257) final exam; or

Please complete the Request for Re-Mark form:  Request for Re-Mark

Please submit your Request for Re-Mark no later than 4 weeks after you receive the final grade on the assignment or the exam.

Allow 30 days for your request to be processed.

Please note that the re-marking of multiple choice exams is not available for the following reasons:

  • there is no discretion in the way a multiple choice test is graded (scored), and
  • if there is an error, for instance, an invalid question, every student will have been subjected to the error

We regularly perform audits of the multiple choice questions in each of the Advocis programs. We do this to ensure that the questions included in our assessments test at an appropriate level and that the questions we ask are fair but challenging.


If you are unsuccessful in passing your course, you may request a rewrite. Please see the table below for more details:

CourseNumber of RewritesRewrite FeeSpecial Terms
CLU 255 and 256Two rewrites$75 + taxes per attempt

Request must be made within 30 days of the failed result

Rewrite must be completed within 90 days of course expiry

CLU 257 – Exam onlyOne rewrite$200 + taxesRewrite must be completed the following semester
CLU 257 – Assignments and examOne rewrite$250 + taxesRewrite must be completed the following semester

Re-enrolment (255 and 256 only)*

If you are unsuccessful in passing your course within its term, you may re-enrol for a reduced fee. The following rules apply:

  • Request must be made within one year from date of purchase
  • 120 days to complete from the date of expiry
  • All completed assessments are reset and must be completed again

Fee: $150 + taxes

* No re-enrolments for Advanced Estate Planning – 257

PLEASE NOTE: For more information, please contact Member Services via, 1-877-773-6765 or 416-444-5251.