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Administration Policies

How long do I have to complete my CFP®, CLU® or CHS™ course
after I register?

From the date of registration, students have 120 days to complete their CFP*, CLU* or CHS course. Students who are unable to complete their course within the allotted time may purchase a one-time, 60-day extension for $75 plus tax.

* Courses 245 (CFP) and 237 (CLU) operate in a semester system under separate deadlines. Extensions do not apply.

Note: Only one extension may be purchased per course. Extensions can only be purchased while the course is active.

Can I reactivate my course if I don't finish it?

Students can purchase a course re-enrolment for $150 plus tax. This buys students another 120 days to finish the course.

Note: Any previously completed online tests must be rewritten.

All courses must be fully completed within one year of the initial registration date, regardless of any extensions or re-enrolments purchased. Students who wish to re-enrol or extend a course beyond the one-year deadline may be required to purchase updated course texts if there have been revisions to the curriculum.

What is Advocis's policy for cancelling a course (i.e., returning books)?

Students have 45 days from the date they purchased a course to cancel and still receive a refund. To cancel, simply send back the course material with a letter indicating that you would like to cancel. A course cancellation fee applies ($100 plus tax for CFP 245, CLU 237; $75 plus tax for all other courses) as well as a $35 restocking fee if course materials are returned damaged or used.

For LLQP, send Advocis a letter indicating that you would like to cancel.

What is the process for rewriting a test or exam?

If a student is unsuccessful in writing their LLQP examination or in passing a CFP, CLU, or CHS course (excluding CFP 245 and CLU 237), they may apply to rewrite. The rewrite fee is $75 + GST/HST per attempt.

After your first unsuccessful LLQP attempt, you can rewrite two more times (for a total of three attempts) within the eight month-validity period of this course.

For online courses (CFP, CLU, CHS excluding CFP 245 and CLU 237), unsuccessful students can apply to rewrite two more times (for a total of three attempts). Students must rewrite all module tests and the final exam (we reset and re-open the tests for 60 days).

After the three attempts have been utilized, a course re-enrolment will need to be purchased. The fee is $150 plus tax for LLQP, CFP, CHS or CLU courses.

EXCEPTION: Rewrites and re-enrolment fees for CFP 245 Capstone Course and CLU 237 Advanced Estate Planning are priced higher.

EXCEPTION: Rewrites and re-enrollment fees for CFP 245 Capstone Course and CLU 237 Advanced Estate Planning are priced higher.

How can I qualify for a course extension?

Contact our Member Services department at 1.877.773.6765. LLQP students pay $150 plus tax to extend. Computer students (CFP, CLU, CHS) requesting an extension may purchase a one-time 60-day extension for $75 + tax.

Note: Computer-based students are allowed only one extension per course.