Enhancing the professionalism of financial advisors in the best interests of the consumer

People base their opinion of the life insurance industry on the type of service they receive, or don't receive, from their advisor. To them, the advisor is the company. It is therefore important that the agent gain the respect of the policyholder as a professional who is dedicated to serving the best interests of his or her client. The National Quality Award was created in 1944 in the U.S. – and one year later in Canada – as a way of promoting and recognizing high business quality, reflected by a high standard of persistency.

The NQA is visible evidence to the insuring public of the high ideals and the calibre of competence exhibited by both individual advisors and the entire life insurance industry. The award focuses attention on persistency, permanence, stability, and quality performance, giving tangible recognition to those who strive for excellence in the life insurance business.

NQA – 2018 Application form [PDF - 307KB]

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