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FORUM Magazine – Nov./Dec. 2018


Learning About Finance
Kira Vermond speaks to five advisors who are dedicated to teaching financial literacy today.

The Case for Annuities
Even in a low-interest environment, annuities can serve as a solid part of an income portfolio.
By Richard Parkinson.

Lean into the Future
Advocis Symposium, now in its 10th year, brings together industry leaders who debate issues affecting advisors of tomorrow.

Avoiding Burnout
Hitting the wall with productivity is a sign to make changes. Evan Thompson has seven suggestions.


Tax Upfront
An update on how the CCPC rules will work.
By Jamie Golombek

Estate Dilemmas
Are multiple wills more trouble than they are worth?
By Kevin Wark

Technology & Social Media
Using tech to help you win and retain business.
By Masood Raza


Next issue: Business planning.

FORUM magazine Nov/Dec 2018

Editor's Journal
Drowning in debt is a reality in an "I deserve this" society.

New insurance regulations; underwriting for alcohol-related disorders; top concerns about living a long life.

Advocis News
Association updates and events.

The Final Word
Professional financial advice is key for all investors.
By Greg Pollock

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