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FORUM Magazine – March 2018


Under Pressure
Regulation and other revenue challenges tangling advisor profitability. Alison MacAlpine

Disability Matters
Don't disregard living benefits insurance as a key element of a client's financial plan. People are more likely to face this than die prematurely.
By Lorne Marr

New Family Finances
Ever wonder how to speak to new parents about cash flow? Deanne Gage spoke with author Lisa van de Geyn about setting financial priorities.
By Lorne Marr

Expert Advisors
Centres of influence often provide the best referrals.
Evan Thompson shows us how to navigate new relationships with other professionals.


Tax Upfront
How the estate tax affects your client's U.S.
vacation property.
By Jamie Golombek

Estate Dilemmas
Establishing joint tenacy may not have the desired effect.
By Kevin Wark

Prospecting Pursuits
How to use LinkedIn as a prospecting tool.
By Bryce Sanders

Leadership & Growth
Three ways to increase trust and engagement in your firm.
By Jonathan Schjott

Technology & Social Media
How to adapt to social media in the visual age.
By Syed Raza


Next issue: Attracting and retaining assistants.

FORUM magazine MAr/Apr 2018

Editor's Journal
The art of asking for referrals.

Selling insurance policies prematurely; important
eldercare discussions; teaching kids about money.

Advocis News
Association updates and events.

The Final Word
Changing the definition of what constitutes being a financial advisor.
By Greg Pollock

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