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FORUM Magazine – Sept. 2018


Debt Dilemma
Seniors are racking up debt in record numbers, but it's not due to reckless spending.

Death Clean
When a loved one passes, how to lessen the load of the house cleaning.

Pen to Paper
Having clients sign insurance disclaimers protects businesses from liabilities.


Tax Upfront
What are some advisor assumptions on how much to save?
By Doug Carroll

Estate Dilemmas
How taxes are calculated for personal use property in an estate.
By Kevin Wark

Prospecting Pursuits
Do you appear more well-off than your clients?
By Bryce Sanders

Leadership & Growth
Finding new advisors helps with succession planning.
By Pete Gillespie


Next issue: Financial literacy.

FORUM magazine Oct 2018

Editor's Journal
Tales from executrix.

Push marketing and life insurance buyers and more.

Advocis News
Association updates and events.

The Final Word
Learning from our past.
By Al Jones

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