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FORUM Magazine – Sept. 2018


Social Change
New Advocis Chair Al Jones talks to Deanne Gage on true professionalism, community involvement and lessons social workers can share with advisors.

Workable Solutions
What is the solution for universal pharmacare?
By Susan Yellin .

Peer Power
April-Lynn Levitt explains how advisors can learn best practices from like-minded professionals.

Effective Reviews
Regular check-ins with your team increase productivity on both sides
by Evan Thompson


Tax Upfront
How the taxation of disability insurance benefits works.
By Jamie Golombek

Estate Dilemmas
How vacation properties affect an estate plan.
By Kevin Wark

Prospecting Pursuits
How to encourage clients in uncertain times.
By Bryce Sanders

Technology & Social Media
Using tech to increase insurance sales in today's market.


Next issue: Debt and cash flow management.

FORUM magazine Sept 2018

Editor's Journal
The complexity of crowdfunding campaigns.

Seg fund disclosure update; drug plan challenges and more.

Advocis News
Association updates and events.

The Final Word
Grass roots advocacy leads to success.
By Greg Pollock

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