Getting Established – Mentorship – FAQ

Getting Established – Mentorship – FAQ

How do I register?

Please send an email to with your resume. Mentors must be Advocis members in good standing with at least five years of experience.

Is training provided?

Yes, after your application has been approved, you will receive orientation training.

How do I get matched to a candidate?

You will be matched to a candidate in your area who holds similar licenses and registrations to your own. We will advise you of the candidate’s name and location. Once you approve the match, we will notify the candidate and you will both receive access to the program.

How much of my time will I need to dedicate to being a mentor?

You must be willing to commit to the advisor’s learning path, and dedicate a minimum of 90 minutes per month to the program. This includes the time you take to assess the material and conduct a review meeting with your student.