In Recognition of National Volunteer Week 2021


As National Volunteer Week begins, all of us at Advocis are reflecting on the challenging climate of the past year, and considerate of how instrumental volunteers around the world have been in helping their communities adjust to a new reality.

This year, the NVW theme of “The Value of One, The Power of Many” also resonates with us deeply as an organization. Not only does it align fundamentally with our motto of “Non Solis Nobis” (Not for Ourselves Alone), but it also connects tangibly to the contributions that member volunteers have made this year as well – contributions that our association could not have prospered without.

As the COVID-19 pandemic ensued and lockdowns, shutdowns, and social distancing followed, many sat at home with their eyes glued to the news. Above all, they feared what was going to happen to their loved ones, their employment, and their businesses. While this wave of fear loomed over our world, hundreds of volunteers within Advocis stepped forward to help through several initiatives, most notably Advocis Connect, a program which connected small business owners with a professional financial advisor for a cost-free session in which they could go over any questions they may have about various government relief programs, and to discuss how they can ensure business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beyond Advocis Connect, however, many of our chapters also began or continued with their philanthropic activities – efforts that were more vital in many of the communities they served than ever. Finally, many of our volunteer members also made individual contributions or worked with other community groups to take part in work to help health care workers and other vulnerable individuals acquire Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the earliest and most fragile days of the pandemic. Through this, our volunteers truly demonstrated the spirit of the theme for this year; they have truly shown the value that each one of them can have upon many others – and make a difference in something far greater than themselves.

Thank you to our volunteers and thank you to all who volunteer across Canada – National Volunteer Week belongs to you, and we are confident that your work will both continue to have an impact and inspire others to join you as well.

Greg Pollock
President & CEO
Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada