Technology and Innovation Committee Initiatives

Technology and Innovation Committee Initiatives


DigiCat 2.0

DigiCat v.2.0 (Member Login Required)

DigiCat 2.0, released October 2021, is an updated catalog of digital tools for financial advisors. The catalog is curated by your fellow Advocis members on the Technology and Innovation Committee and it’s intended to shortcut your research process by pointing you to best-in-class options across categories such as CRM, Financial Planning and Digital Marketing.

DigiCat 2.0 is available to Advocis Members only. Please log in here and look for the DigiCat 2.0 link on your member dashboard.

Please note: The selection of tools for inclusion in DigiCat is based solely on the judgment and discretion of the members of the TTF. The inclusion of a tool does not represent any endorsement, judgment or warranty by Advocis. DigiCat users are responsible for their own due diligence on the fitness of any particular tool.

Data Security Report

Data Security Report: Link

Podcast: Link

On January 30, 2020, the Technology Task Force (TTF) published its first Technology Bulletin on Data Security. The Data Security Report covers how advisors can prepare their practices for an increasingly data-centric future, including: the selection and utilization of software in an advisory practice; the use of email and other communications tools with clients; cloud-based servers and software; data breaches, and how you should respond; requirements for MGAs and securities dealers; special considerations for professional referrals; and the use of portable devices. In addition, the TTF Chair, B. Chapman and Vice-Chair, K. Gustafson provided a brief overview on this report for The Advocis Podcast channel. The report was collectively authored by all members of the TTF. The Data Security Report and the podcast can be accessed through the above mentioned links. For more information, please send your comments to