Prior Learning, Exemptions and Equivalencies

Prior Learning, Exemptions and Equivalencies

Course Exemptions

An exemption occurs when a course taken at an educational institution / organization other than Advocis is considered for equivalency with a course or module offered by Advocis. A course exemption allows the candidate to avoid duplication of studies in the pursuit of a designation program. A limited number of exemptions will be granted for each program. The courses requested to be evaluated for exemption must have been successfully completed within the last 4 years.

Course Exemption Fees: $75 administration (non-refundable) + $75 for each exemption granted (plus GST/HST)

Please note that the non-refundable $75 administrative fee will be charged to your credit card upon receipt of your request. The $75 exemption fee will be charged upon your acceptance of each equivalency.

Recognition of External Designations

Advocis recognizes certain designations you’ve earned throughout your career. We recognize these designations for the higher level knowledge and expertise associated with them and, where appropriate, offer equivalencies with Advocis courses. As long as you provide documentation indicating you have earned the designation and are in good standing, we will consider the equivalency request. A fee for Recognition of External Designations will be required with your application.

Advocis recognizes the following external designations: QAFP™, CFP, F.Pl. (Pl.Fin.), CPA, CFA, CMA, CGA, CA

How to Apply

To apply for a Course Exemption or Recognition of an External Designation, you must complete the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Form.

Please submit the form, along with the supporting documentation (see below), by email to or fax (41 6572-8679). Once the application and supporting documentation have been assessed by Advocis, you will be notified of the results (within 10 business days).


Supporting documentation for Course Exemptions:

  • A certificate of completion/transcript (completed within the last 4 years)
  • A detailed syllabus/table of contents of the program materials for assessment purposes

Supporting documentation for Recognition of an External Designation:

  • A letter of good standing, or
  • Certificate of good standing