Segment 1: An Economic and Market Overview

Brent Joyce, CFA®, PFP
VP, Investment Strategist, Mackenzie Investments
Toronto, ON

Learning Objective: To understand the economic indicators that could influence the performance of financial markets and consider the impact that may have on clients.

Interview Focus:

  • Current economic conditions such as low interest rates, high inflation and the global debt overhang
  • Prevailing government and central bank policy and the implications for equities, fixed income, and currencies
  • A round-up of capital market fundamentals: the business cycle, earnings growth, equity valuations, and bond yields

Case Study Activity: Cash-Flow Planning in Retirement

Learning Objective: To help determine potential biases and find ways to ensure the advisor, employees and clients fit seamlessly into the new practice.

Segment 2: Legacy Planning

Elke Rubach LLB, LLM, CLU®, CFP®,FEA™, MFA-P™
Principal, Rubach Wealth
Toronto, ON

Learning Objective: Considering how clients about to retire or already in retirement can balance their legacy planning objectives with immediate family support pressures and their lifetime cash flow needs.

Interview Focus:

  • Helping clients put their needs first, cash flow planning and budget awareness
  • Intergenerational planning: what’s been documented, what’s been discussed and what’s been the reaction
  • Strategies to mitigate risk through tax planning and estate planning

Case Study Activity: Helping Adult Children & Protecting Retirement.

Learning Objective: To develop a plan for young clients to purchase their first home while protecting their parents’ retirement.

Segment 3: Building Client Trust and Deepening Relationships Through Higher Standards

Christie Coltman, CLU®, CFP®
Financial Planner, Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc. Bewley & Coltman Financial Services
Victoria, BC

Learning Objective: How financial advisors and planners can build client trust and deepen relationships through the implementation of recent Client Focused Reforms in all aspects of their client relationships. .

Interview Focus:

  • Understanding how the recent Client Focused Reforms enhance and facilitate a lifelong client relationship through understanding how these reforms address what is important to clients in the client advisor relationship:
    • KYP and Suitability
    • KYC
    • Fair Treatment of Customers
  • How the Trusted Contact Person (TCP) and Temporary Hold legislation help your client plan & protect their future and legacy
  • Using these reforms to create a win/win for clients and your advisory practice

Case Study Activity: Protecting Senior Clients

Learning Objective: To understand the steps a financial advisor or planner will take if they are concerned their senior clients may be affected by outside influences from an adult child given the new Client Focused Reforms.

Segment 4: Taxation for Small Business Owners

Kim G. C. Moody FCPA, FCA, TEP
CEO & Director, Moodys Private Client / MoodysTax
Calgary, AB

Learning Objective: To understand the taxation and related issues for owners of private businesses when dealing with succession planning such as planning for a sale of the business or an inter-generational transfer of that business.

Interview Focus:

  • Recent relevant taxation legislation to be aware of, including Bill C-208
  • Overall taxation issues that financial advisors and planners and their private business owner clients need to know
  • An assessment of the dangers, opportunities, and strengths within succession plans that are commonly experienced by private business owners

Case Study Activity: Succession Planning

Learning Objective: To create a succession plan for a small business owner wanting to pass the business onto their daughter, who has a fresh perspective on bringing the business forward using technology and innovation.