Enhancing the professionalism of financial advisors in the best interests of the consumer

Regulatory Affairs

Regulations directly impact the business practices of today’s financial advisors. Our job is to eliminate unnecessary red tape and reduce compliance costs, while protecting the livelihood and interests of professional advisors. Our goal is to promote a sound regulatory system that allows advisors to fully meet the needs of consumers in a competitive marketplace.

What We Do

Advocis Regulatory Affairs works on behalf of you and your clients, actively promoting your knowledge, skills and professional standards to regulators across Canada. We scan the regulatory map, identifying issues, assessing the impact of regulation, and developing practical policies to support financial advisors and their clients.

Through a national volunteer network of Advocis members and local chapters, Advocis effectively communicates its positions on issues affecting advisors and meets with regulators and government officials to ensure the voice of advisors is heard. Our advisors are active, well-informed participants in emerging and current regulatory matters.

We strive to influence legislation and regulation directly impacting financial advisors at both the federal and provincial government levels.

Advocis is at the forefront of consumer protection and promotes a model for the delivery of financial services and products that places the consumer interest as the primary objective.

Key principles that Advocis actively promotes for fair and efficient access to financial services in Canada include:

  • professionalism among financial advisors
  • an efficient and effective regulatory system for financial advisors that minimizes the regulatory burden and cost of compliance
  • consumer protection
  • a level playing field for all financial services intermediaries

Why We Do It

Regulation affects the day-to-day business of all financial advisors across the country. Advocis Regulatory Affairs seeks to reduce compliance costs, promote professional accreditation and harmonize regulations across disciplines and across provinces.

Advocis balances the needs of advisors, regulators and the financial services industry to work consistently in the best interests of the consumer. Our goal is to ensure that advisors establish and strengthen relationships of trust with clients, while working in an efficient regulatory environment that encourages professionalism and innovation.