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Century Initiative

Century Initiative

Category Objectives

The Association requires a strong financial foundation and adequate resources to effectively represent the interests of advisors. The challenges that lie before us are substantial and the threats to advisor independence must be proactively staved off. To facilitate these efforts, Advocis has created two new premium membership categories, the fees of which will go towards building this financial foundation.

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“There has never been a better, more demanding and more exciting time to be a part of Advocis, its future and vision.”

Rob McCullagh, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., CHS

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The Century Initiative at a Glance

Century Initiative has two premium membership categories Gold and Platinum, which fund a special Century Initiative restricted reserve within the financial structure of Advocis. Century Initiative Stewards, a newly formed board comprised of Century Initiative members, govern the restricted reserve and report back to the Advocis membership.

The Century Initiative Stewards are tasked with following the established founding principles, which includes the attainment of a $5 million capital base only to be used against a significant threat to members or a significant opportunity to create value for members. The Century Initiative has already secured 426 members for a total financial commitment of more than $3.1 million.**

Membership Benefits

Century Initiative members enjoy a wide range of benefits including:

  • Distinct recognition at Advocis events, in the Annual Report and FORUM magazine
  • Influence in the future development of the Association
  • The satisfaction of knowing that they have contributed in a substantial way to safeguarding the future of our industry and their own business

“No other organization has demonstrated a single-minded commitment to the well-being of advisors and their clients like Advocis has. To enable the organization to continue to be effective in the future, Century Membership will create a strong and stable capital base from which the challenges of the future can be met with confidence.”

Dale Ens, CFP, CH.F.C., CLU, CHS
Blaeberry Estate Planning Inc.


Membership is by peer invitation and is open to all Advocis, CLU Institute and CALU members.


Century Initiative members are considered to have committed to their respective membership levels for a period of five years. Members are required to maintain both Century Initiative and general Advocis membership concurrently.

Premium Membership Category Administration

For further information on the benefits of Premium Membership, please contact:

Shirley Taylor, Corporate Secretary
telephone Phone: 416.342.9820 or 1.800.563.5822 ext. 9820
email Email: staylor@advocis.ca