Technology and Innovation Committee

Technology and Innovation Committee

About TIC

The TIC is composed of volunteer members of Advocis who are interested in technology and are eager to give back to the community. Some members have started their own fintech companies; others have worked at tech giants; and some are responsible for implementing fintech solutions in their own firms. To connect with the TIC, please email

The TIC was formerly known as the Advocis Technology Taskforce (TTF).


The Big Q: How Advisors Can Harness Technology to Exceed Customer Expectations

When advisors require a technology solution for their practices, their inquiries often start in one of two ways: asking their technology manager or conducting a Google search.

Enter DigiCat 2.0, an extensive list of digital tools used in an advisor’s business — exclusively available to Advocis members.


Tech Tools for Advisors to Elevate Their Practice in the Digital Age

As a financial advisor, having a suite of tech tools handy can streamline your business and help you better serve your clients.

Because advisors are at their most valuable when engaging in the specialized work of financial expertise, manual administrative labour carries a significant opportunity cost. Generating new business is also a time-intensive but necessary activity, making any time that can be freed up for it through a more efficient practice incredibly valuable as well.

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DigiCat 2.0 is here: Find the tech tools your practice needs!

Digicat 2.0 is an updated catalog of digital tools to enhance your practice. These tools have been curated by your fellow Advocis members on the TIC. It points you to best-in-class software solutions to meet your technology needs in CRM, Financial Planning, Digital Marketing, and elsewhere.

Digicat 2.0 is a benefit of Advocis membership and can be found on your member dashboard.

Please note: The selection of tools for inclusion in DigiCat 2.0 is based solely on the judgment and discretion of the members of the TIC. The inclusion of a tool does not represent any endorsement, judgment or warranty by Advocis. DigiCat 2.0 users are responsible for their own due diligence on the fitness of any particular tool.

Advocis Member Survey: Are Your Tech Needs Being Met?

In 2022, the TIC surveyed Advocis members to better understand advisors’ pain points and how technology might be able to provide solutions. This survey followed up on the TIC’s January 2021 survey of Advocis members. The survey asked advisors about gaps in existing technology solutions and any barriers that prevented their adoption. Highlights from the survey include: TIC-Survey-Q8 2022-TIC-Survey-Q3

2021 Financial Literacy Month: TIC Helps Educate the Next Generation

TIC contributed to the Fin Lit Kit as part of the Junior Financial Advisor program. Through this program, young people learn important lessons about saving and investing, paving their way to a financially independent future.


Consideration and Collaboration as a Catalyst

Kelly Gustafson discusses the need to empathize with your clients in her article. She examines how technology and a diverse team can assist you in making this connection.

Symposium 2021: What’s Next in the World of Insurtech?

Kelly Gustafson was joined by Karen Cutler (Manulife), Kelley Oke (Canada Life), and Susan Silma (Sun Life) to discuss emerging trends in the insurtech space. The panel considered the impact of digitization, design thinking, gamification, and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coffee Talk: The Ultimate Guide to All Things Digital

Brandon Chapman and Kelly Gustafson met to discuss the latest trends in technology, provide an update on the TIC’s initiatives, and recommend several tech solutions to keep your practice on the cutting edge.

TIC @ Your Advocis Chapter

TIC Members have presented at Advocis chapters across the country. In these presentations, they have discussed emerging trends in technology, the work of the TIC, and software solutions to meet advisors’ needs.

We encourage Chapter leadership to reach out and invite the TIC to present at your local events. Contact us at

Data Security Report

As digital tools increasingly dominate our work, the TIC Data Security Report covers what you need to know to prepare your practice for the associated risks. From email security measures to dealing with data breaches, the TIC Data Security Report has you covered. Read the report here.

Brandon Chapman and Kelly Gustafson discussed highlights from the TIC Data Security Report on The Advocis Podcast channel.

The Advocis Podcast · Episode 7 – The Tech Task Force Data Security Report