Certified Health Insurance Specialist (CHS™) Program Policies

Certified Health Insurance Specialist (CHS) Course 1

$ 250 + applicable taxes for Advocis Members.
Non members pay $450 + applicable taxes.
  • Practice module exam
  • Grades tool to keep track of your progress
  • 2-year window for completion of full CHS program

Certified Health Insurance Specialist™ (CHS™) Program Policies


You have 30 days from the date of registration to withdraw from your CHS course and receive a partial refund (no refunds after this date). Refund will be calculated based on registration cost minus cancellation fee of $75 + taxes.

Cancellation Fee

Members / Non-members: Refund minus $75 + taxes

To cancel your registration, Contact Member & Client Services at info@advocis.ca or 1-877-773-6765.


If you are unable to successfully complete your course within its term, you may purchase an extension.

  • You are required to request an extension before your term expires
  • Your term will be extended by 90 days
  • You may continue from where you left off (all completed assessments will be retained)

Fee: $150 + taxes


The first exam attempt is complimentary and is included with your course enrolment. Two additional exam attempt can be purchased.

Additional Exam Attempt Fee:

Members / Non-members $75 + taxes


Should you require additional time to complete your course beyond its term, you may re-enrol for a reduced fee. The following rules apply:

  • Request must be made within one year from date of purchase
  • 120 days to complete
  • All completed assessments are reset and must be completed again

Re-enrolment Fee:

$150 + taxes

Please Note

To request any of the above (cancellation, extension, additional exam attempts, etc.), contact Member & Client Services via info@advocis.ca,  or call 1-877-773-6765 or 416-444-5251.