Tracking Your CE Credits

Tracking Your CE Credits

Keeping track of the CE credits you have earned is fast and efficient with the Advocis CE Tracking database.

Your Advocis CE tracking database is the place to go when you need to demonstrate your CE compliance for licence requirements, designation requirements, and Advocis membership. This personal CE recordkeeping tool allows you to:

  • Keep track of your CE credits
  • Print a summary report of your CE activities based on specific reporting cycles
  • Print CE certificates for Advocis programs (including AIC certificates)

For Institute – accredited CE, you also have a direct link to the Accreditation Decision report that summarizes the practice competencies and practice behaviours addressed in the CE session – a very defensible resource to have in a CE audit situation.

Updating your CE records has never been easier. If the Institute-accredited CE program you completed was delivered by Advocis, your records are automatically updated upon successful completion – you don’t need to do a thing. You can also manually input any completed programs, regardless of whether it has been accredited by The Institute. Simply enter the Institute CE code into the database, or enter the course provider, date and number of CE credits.

Advocis and Institute members have a direct link to their personal CE tracking database from their personal Advocis home page.

For a complete overview on how the Advocis CE Tracker tool works and how to access it, please consult the guide below.